How Much Do We Really Need?

POSTED ON July 31, 2022 IN NEWS

How Much Do We Really Need?

Specifically money, but there are so many other things that we need a lot of. That includes: support, love, care, peace of mind. But back to the money thing, especially nowadays, I find myself wondering how much is really enough to live this comfortable life that everyone dreams about? It scares me because I think a lot has changed from when our parents were young and the times seem like our generation was made to fail, or to fall even deeper into the system.

As I was growing up $100,000 was a lot to me and seemed to be pretty comfortable. Maybe that’s how most of the movies portrayed it and based off a school teachers salary, it was a lot of money. That’s my true inflation guage, everything else is a lie. But I just hear so many different stories about how $100,000 today is the new $65–70,000 back in 2000. Why am I scared of not even being able to pay my rent in NYC with a starting salary that is roughly 30% more than the average US salary (i just did the google math).

Life today is expensive, and it doesn’t seem fair to us as a generation.

Compared to when our parents were young if you didn’t go to college you could “start your own business that could basically be successful no matter what you did”. And today you either still own the business and are really successful or you failed and didn’t make it through the COVID crisis we had. But what do we have today? We have large corporations that own the world and no opportunity for creativity and growth because of the news, media, platforms that solve all of our problems they created.

Back to the money pt. 2, one weeks pay wont even get me halfway through a rent payment, how can I possibly save any money? Is moving to NYC a wise choice or am I going through a low-life crisis?

Personally this inflation deal is a total disaster and everyone just blames inflation itself and the supply chain crisis. I can’t even order my favorite white socks because the company doesn't have plain white socks in stock. i cant even get socks (specifically didn’t make the i capial or add the ‘ ) this is crazy. The more and more media that is fed to us about not going through a recession because they just simply changed the definition of a recession is just total bullshit. How is nobody talking about just changing the definition of a word in 2022 when every word has added 5 definitions to fit all of the different contexts?

How I think about it is “we’re basically fucked as a generation, and everyone is trying to play it off like everything is going to be fine until I die type of deal”. Everything just gets pushed onto the next generation and nothing ever really gets solved in a lifetime because nobody actually cares.

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Circling back to how much we really need in today’s world, I think the number is more like $250,000. And that is the lowest where you can actually invest and save enough each year to be able to compound anything substantial for retirement. That is also if you do the very traditional things with your earned money. With the combination of school debt, personal loans, and being able to live, how can we even think to be able to buy a house? We become renters forever and never truly get the chance to build this generational wealth through real estate.

Problems and problems upon problems stem from this one question, but how can we change it? We continue to stir up the workforce and start truly embracing the changes we talk about.

We got electric cars, crypto, and legalized sports gambling, what can we do next as a generation to end this?

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