Tomsk Metalwork Factory organizes ICO

POSTED ON August 16, 2022 IN NEWS

Tomsk Metalwork Factory organizes ICO

ICO — is one of the methods of attracting investments, which appeared in 2014. The method of attracting investments has been very large, even in 4 years and is a simplified analogue of IPO.

Around the ICO, the plant formed an expert team to test ICO technology at the regional level for the further use of positive legal practice. The project fully complies with the legislation of the Russian Federation and bears the character of a positive legal precedent.

The introduction of modern methods of the digital economy into the real production sector is a key task for the development of the Russian economy.

About the Tomsk Metal Factory:

Metalwork plant (TMF) was opened in 2008 in 20 kilometers from Tomsk on the Kuzovlevsky tract. In the framework of the project “The Year of Russia in China”, the idea of ​​organizing a metalwork factory in Tomsk was born. And already in November 2007 the beginning of the construction of the enterprise was started. Initially, the place of the current production buildings were abandoned buildings. In less than a year, the production department was put in order, the production hall was put into operation, the equipment was installed, the adjacent territory and access roads were arranged, heating and light were supplied.

Undoubtedly, the increase in production is very in demand. In our city there are a number of directions, for the development of which the products modernization of TMF is simply necessary. For example, the construction of sports halls in schools. Or the project of restoration of sites in yards, erection of indoor sports facilities. Technologies of light steel structures give both a reduction in price and speed of installation.

Versatile product TMF: “Buildings of buildings from light metal structures is similar to the children’s designer. And their use allows you to build as a very small room — for example, a gas boiler in the village, and very large objects. But the most important thing is that the Tomsk plant has no competitors in Siberia. “

Industrial buildings, covered markets, shopping pavilions, exhibition complexes, garages, dairy farms, hospitals, sports facilities and even individual houses — all this can be built from materials that will be produced at the new plant.

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