POSTED ON January 30, 2023 IN NEWS

Members of Parliament Visited Steppe Metal Powder

Members of the Parliament of Mongolia visited Steppe Metal Powder (SMP) on 18 January 2023 to get a first-hand look at the SMP's water atomized metal powder plant and learn about its various initiatives.


The delegation consisted of MP T. Enkhtuvshin, Chairman of the Standing Committee for Industrialization, and MPs T.Aubakir, J.Batjargal, S.Ganbaatar. During the visit, MPs met key employees of SMP to gain a better understanding of the company's contributions to the local community and industry. Mr. Enkhtuvshin highly appreciated SMP plant and expressed his support at policy and legislation level for the sustainable operation and growth of SMP and of in-country semi-fabrication capacity in general. It was further noted that SMP has been one of highlights of the Mongolian industrial sector in 2022.  The visit was seen as a positive step in strengthening relationships between the company and government bodies.

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