POSTED ON November 6, 2022 IN NEWS

Scholars and businessmen from Japan and Mongolia visited Mongolia's first metal powder plant

During the visit to the plant, Dr. Masao Tokita, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NJS Co.,LTD, mentioned that he was pleased that copper and copper alloy powder production commenced in Mongolia, and advised on the many possibilities and technological solutions of using metal powders to produce parts needed for the production of automobiles, aerospace, and industrial equipment. Dr. Masao Tokita specifically mentioned that even though Mongolia is decades behind in industrialization compared to developed Western countries, it could compete on an equal footing with industrialized countries in the world market by using modern 3D printers, "spark plasma sintering" and "metal-injection molding" technologies. The guests noted that the partnership between business, government and academic institutions is very important, and the parties need to work out a plan.


NJS Co.,LTD installed spark plasma sintering equipment at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Mongolian University of Science and Technology as part of the Japan-Mongolia MJEED project, and is one of the internationally known and reputable companies in the field of powder metallurgy.


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